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Best Price and Quality Guarantee

We will beat our competitors prices guaranteed. If you find a lower price, we will provide you with an even better price. 

Steps to redeeming the best price

1. Find the napkin layout that you would like.

We offer seven different napkin design layouts. They are symbol above text, text only, symbol beside text, text only (two font sizes), monogrammed, symbol with text on sides, and monogram in text. 

2. Please send us the url of the webpage where you found a better price on "napkins with the same layout that we offer". The napkins must be 3-ply and foil-imprinted. They must be a type (guest towel, cocktail, luncheon or dinner) of napkin that we offer as well. Please send that url to us by including the url in a message sent via our "Contact Us" page. A link to our "Contact Us" page is found at the bottom of this screen. Please include your name and phone number in the message.

3. Within 24 hours, we will contact you and provide you with a better price.  

You may reach us by phone Monday through Friday from 9 am to 7pm eastern standard time at 1-866-743-7346 or email us at napkinsinfo@napkinsandparties.com.

What are "napkins with the same or similar layout that we offer"? The prices of our products are determined by the imprint location on the napkins and the amount of text or symbols and/or font styles that are on the napkins. Napkins with the same layout that we offer are napkins with the same amount of text lines, font sytles, and/or symbols located in the same (or similar) location on 3-ply foil-imprinted guest towel, cocktail, luncheon or dinner napkins. 


Quality Guarantee

We guarantee that your napkins will be 3-ply and foil imprinted. We also guarnatee that they will meet your order specifications. If the napkins you ordered do not meet your quality standards, mail us one of the napkins you received along with a letter specifying your quality concerns and we will contact you within seven calendar days to compensate you.