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Cocktail Napkins: Text Only (Two Font Sizes)

  • Retirement party napkins. 24 and 18pt elegant font. Black with metallic silver
  • Image 2
  • Image 3
  • Personalized Wedding Napkins
Burgundy beverage napkin with metallic gold imprint. 36pt. Elegant and 24pt Elegant
  • Personalized Wedding Napkins
36pt. Elegant and 24pt. Elegant
  • Hot pink beverage napkin with black imprint. Top line is the 36pt. Elegant. Second line is the 24pt. Elegant
  • White beverage napkin with burgundy imprint. 1st line is the 24pt. Goudy Light, 2nd is the 24pt. Park Avenue, and the 3rd and 4th is also the 24pt. Goudy Light
  • Red beverage napkin with black imprint. Top line is 48pt. Othello and 2nd line is the 24pt. Goudy Light
  • Black cocktail napkins with orange imprint. 36pt. Stellar Bold with 24pt. Goudy Light
  • Silver beverage napkin with white imprint. 24pt news gothic and 2nd line is the 18pt. christmas card gothic
  • White cocktail napkin with red imprint. Personalized birthday napkins. 24pt. goudy light and 48pt. Lydian

Quantities are in packs of 50. Ships in 3 business days. Allow 2-5 for delivery. Rush Available


Product Description

Set of 50 Personalized Cocktail Napkins - Quantity discounts as low as $10.50 per set!

Great for weddings, baby showers, anniversaries, birthdays anniveries and more!

Quantities are in packages of 50. Durable 3-Ply Personalized Napkins.

Napkin Size: Approximately 5.5 Inches by 5.5 Inches

Guaranteed to ship in three business days or choose our rush option at checkout for only $10.00 and we will ship in one day! It takes FedEx 2-5 days for delivery. Please call us at 1-866-743-7346 if you have any questions regarding delivery.

The actual colors may vary slightly from the image on the screen. This is due to various factors, including distortion when putting the color on the website and distortions made by individuals computer monitors. If you would like samples of any color, please order a free sample. 3 Free Sample Napkins