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Set of 50 Cocktail Napkins: Symbol above Text

  • Gold with black cocktail napkins. G36 for the symbol with 24 pt. Elegant font.
  • True blue cocktail napkin with matte gold imprint. Graduation symbol with the 24pt. Elegant font
  • White cocktail napkin with pastel pink imprint. Our hibiscus symbol with the 24pt. Goudy Light
  • Navy cocktail napkins with white imprint. The Anchor symbol with the 24pt. Elegant.
  • Ivory cocktail napkins with metallic red imprint. Champagne with hearts with the 36pt. Stellar Bold
  • Ivory cocktail napkins with purple imprint. Our Congratulations symbol with the 18pt. Announcement Roman
  • Ivory cocktail napkins with metallic gold imprint. Our double hearts with the 36pt. Keynote font.
  • Pastel Pink with Matte Gold imprint. G36 symbol with the 18pt. Elegant font
  • Schoolbus yellow cocktail napkins with navy imprint. Graduation symbol with the 24pt. Hobo
  • Classic pink cocktail napkins with brown imprint. Our bootie symbol with the 18pt. Elegant in all caps.
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Product Description

Set of 50 Personalized Cocktail Napkins - Quantity discounts as low as $10.50 per set!

Great for weddings, baby showers, anniversaries ,birthdays and more!

Durable 3-Ply Personalized Napkins.

Napkin Size: Approximately 5.5 Inches by 5.5 Inches

Guaranteed to ship in three business days or choose our rush option at checkout for only $10.00 and we will ship in one day!

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