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Personalized Napkins, Customized Logo 

Design and create your custom logo napkins for weddings, birthday, business events and more. We can add a personalized logo to your napkins instead of one the standard design symbols you see on this website. Due to the many available options in ordering logo napkins, orders will need to be placed over the phone or by email. Please give us a call at 1-866-743-7346 or email us at about the logo napkins you are looking to purchase, so that we can assist with your napkin order. Email us a JPEG or PDF file of  your design logo and how many napkins you are interested in and we can give a specific price quote. Customized napkins are perfect if you have your own wedding logo, monogram initials is a specific font, company logos, and so much more.

Logo napkins are an excellent promotional item. Unlike 1-ply screen printed napkins used by fast food restaurants, Napkins Personalized uses 3-ply foil imprinted napkins to display any logo. These high quality napkins capture the user's attention while promoting the theme of any event.


 An additional $75 fee is charged on all logo napkin orders for the specialty die created for imprinting. This is a one time fee and will not be charged again if reordering for company and business events.

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